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Our programs and expert care team make it easy for you to use cannabis safely and effectively.

Healing starts with sleep

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1. Sign up
Choose a program that best reflect your primary condition.
2. Get Assessed
Tell about yourself, your condition, goals and medical history. We will use a comprehensive assessment algorithm to analyze your health and condition.
3. Get Medicine
Your condition analysis results in a personalized recommendation, which includes your medicine type, delivery method and dosing for maximum efficacy. Experienced coordinators will help you locate safe and tested medicine that meets your recommendation.
4. Start Treatment
The 30 day program contains clear treatment instructions, delivered as required via video and interactive forms along with daily support from our care team.
5. Get Results
During the 4 weeks period you will be monitored and your treatment adjusted to maximize efficacy.

Fully personalized care

Living into your most healthy self is a process, we all need some support in getting there. As your condition and life change over time we help maximize the effectiveness of your treatment by minimizing the guesswork. This applies to your cannabis medicine as well as any behavior that helps or hurts your ability to heal and thrive.