Healing starts with Sleep: Better Sleep, Naturally!

Get your personalized cannabis medicine recommendation in minutes.
Better Sleep
Longer Sleep.
More consistent Sleep.

Why cannabis?

Cannabis has now been proven to be more effective and much more safe than many pharmaceuticals.

Finding the right cannabis medicine for your type of condition is the key.

The program is designed to actively help find the best cannabis medicine for your type of insomnia for great sleep through a 4 week guided process which studies your condition, food & movements, environment patterns and social support and continuously align it with your goals and current outcomes. Unlike printed material, video collections, or recorded lectures, each online Core is personalized to your current sleep patterns and goals, and walks you, step-by-step, through exactly what you need to do to maximize your sleep improvements, now and for the future.

57% Less time to fall a sleep.
63% Less time awake night.
13.7 More hours sleep a week.
47% More consistent results.

After using the program for 2 weeks or less, patients saw:

Fall Asleep Faster
Fall Asleep Faster
Spend less time awake at night
Get more sleep each week

How Long Does the Program Take?

The program is divided to 2 main parts. Part one takes the patient through an assessment, personalization and education process. A combination of videos, interactive questionnaires and infographics, guide the patient though the true meaning of cannabis as a therapeutic aid. This stage results in an initial treatment recommendation (medicine). Our care team will help you find the suggested medicine that fits your condition. Part two, the treatment section, takes your through a 4 week journey. During this period you will complete one of 4 Core online learning and and guidance session, focusing on: food, movement, environment and social while monitoring your daily treatment and sleep diary. This help Zana tailor the program for you and adjust the treatment (medication and exercise) and find your optimal treatment regiment.

The majority of Zana users complete the program with a total time investment of under 5 hours over a period of 4 weeks – resulting in a clinically significant change in their insomnia!

What will I do in the program?

Research results show that successfully improving your sleep requires engagement and action. Unlike other programs, which may rely on a collection of narrated videos or PDFs, Zana was designed to actively engage you in help you find the right treatment.

Each of the Core learning and strategy sessions (weeks) includes about 60 minutes of engaging interactions, questionnaires, homework and other helpful information designed to help you better understand how cannabis truly can be effective and improve your sleep.  And throughout your subscription, Zana will create a personal sleep recommendation based on your current sleep patterns, health goals and condition.