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Why cannabis?

Cannabis has now been proven to be more effective and much safer than many pharmaceuticals.

However, cannabis is not a silver bullet for any condition. There are many types of cannabis and each treatment requires personalization and tracking over time. We personalize these elements for every one of our patients.

Personalized Treatment Includes:

Appropriate intake method
Cannabinoid ratio
Terpene Profile
Starting dose
Dose adjustment for efficacy

Fully personalized care

Living into your most healthy self is a process, we all need some support in getting there.

As your condition and life change over time we help maximize the effectiveness of your treatment by minimizing the guesswork. This applies to your cannabis medicine as well as any behavior that helps or hurts your ability to heal and thrive.

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- How It Works -

  1. Get assessed

    Choose a program that best fits your primary condition. Tell us about yourself, your goals and medical history.

  2. Start treatment

    Our comprehensive assessment algorithm will analyze your symptoms, medical history and provide you with personalized medical recommendation.

  3. See real results

    New or experienced cannabis patient, during the 30 days program you will be monitored by our care team. Your treatment will be adjusted to maximize efficacy and consistency.

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- Designed by experts -
See what the experts think of the program

Dr. Mike Hart

Michael Hart, MD
PTSD Specialist and Cannabis Physician

As an evidence based physician I was initially skeptical about the use of cannabis. After doing intensive research and treating hundreds of patients I can say confidently that Zana Medical offers a tremendously valuable and practical approach to cannabis medicine.

Christine McKee

Christine McKee,
Licensed Psychologist and Trainer

My experience is that to successfully treat a chronic condition everyone needs ongoing support and guidance. I’ve worked with thousands of people to make shifts in their health and lives, and Zana Medical does a wonderful job in offering guidance and support to each and every patient.

Michelle Newman

Hanya Barth MD
Cannabis specialist and Integrative Physician

I’ve worked with thousands of patients over the past 15 years to use cannabis therapeutically and I can say from experience that every person and condition is different and requires different medicine and approach. I wish Zana had existed when I first started practicing, their patient centric approach is how medicine should be practiced.